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Summertime08:54 PM -- Thu June 28, 2007

The livin's not that easy, actually. As of yesterday, we kind of got into a real summer routine here, but prior to that it was truly a madhouse. Still, we have so much to do that it's not all that much less mad now. My wife is working on starting up her own business, and that's an enormous project I am helping a lot with. She is also studying Spanish and getting set up for the next school year and working on a Master's degree (she's definitely got me outdone in the busy department, but I do have to help with a lot of it!). I am working on the new website, and getting the necessary paperwork to have a merchant account to run it with, and working on Titan Tunnels (again at last!), learning the piano, and I suppose playing a wee bit of WoW. Between those things, we are dealing with a massive leak in our water system, the dogs that can no longer be trusted without leashes (we're waiting for electronic collars to arrive in the mail as our next attempt), fighting off the ants, and generally trying to keep life in order as usual with housecleaning, making meals, occasional sleep and Netflix, and that sort of thing that everybody does.

You don't get a sneak peek anytime soon. Titan Tunnels is still in the not-able-to-compile phase, where it will remain for a long time. But it's a really nice break from the pain and agony of the website work to switch over to it every so often. I'm glad I did, because when I first went back to it, I was really lost. It's been too long since I've worked on that code! The website is developing many interesting features that are remarkably hard to get set up and test. I have a really good idea for a game to be played to risk your precious Yerfbucks (the new name for Prize Points), but it will probably not be around initially at least. I'd like to get the core functionality going before I start throwing in crazy funtimes.

Anyway, I am so tired that I am now done writing this. Thus you are also done reading it, or will be at the end of the sentence following this one. Bye.
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