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Sneak Peek: New Website03:09 AM -- Mon July 9, 2007

Why not a sneak peek!? This is a sig-image from the new site. It's generated from the info in your Dumb Account. Interesting features: obviously, it's got your name in the lower left, and your custom title in the lower right. I'm wondering about changing what it says at the top. Maybe something like "Hamumu Dumbcard" or something to indicate that this is a card of your Hamumu history. Oh, and maybe I should add extremely tiny icons to the upper right indicating which games you own. Not a bad plan at all.

The two remaining parts are the best. The 100 little squares you can barely see are placeholders for Trophies that you haven't yet earned. There aren't actually 100 possible trophies yet, though someday there will hopefully be even more than that. Regardless, there will only be as many squares shown as there are possible trophies, so you don't get confused. And of course, if you do get trophies, they'll be shown in the proper spot instead of an empty square! Get them all!! You can earn trophies in various Hamumu games, as well as entirely outside of games for other reasons. Some trophies have multiple ranks. An obvious and pointless one will be the trophy representing your forum rank - as you reach certain post thresholds, it advances, just like the not-so-custom titles do now. You earn prize points for every trophy you get, but usually just a few.

The goofy picture of a dumb little guy is my avatar! Well, not really. It's my test image for an avatar. I hope to have a much less horrible looking one eventually. But avatars are going to be fun - you buy different characters, backgrounds and props (like sunglasses, laser guns, etc) with your Yerfbucks, then you can paste them together to build up your own personal character that will show up there. You'll be able to choose any combination of the parts you've bought or unlocked, up to a certain number of items total, and you'll be able to arrange them on the image. I also hope to change the old Dumb People Browsing thing to be a string of avatar images instead (and a "?" with a number for guests), but that may prove to be too much bandwidth and screen space to be wise.

You can of course use this sig image as your sig in our forums, or use it on other forums or wherever you like. It will link to your Dumb Page on the site by default, so people can stare jealously at your vast achievements. The avatar image under your name in forum posts will be replaced by your new custom-crafted avatar as well. There may also be other sig image style options, if the plain blue & white doesn't do it for you. Oh, and I also want to put your avatar in the chatroom as well, but that will make the chat scroll awfully fast, since they're so tall... I'm not sure. One last bit of wonderment to the avatars - there may (maybe!) come games that use your avatar, either as a character (that doesn't animate, of course) or as the icon to represent your profile in the game. I really want to integrate things all around, so each of us becomes a character. You may also be able to engage in battles on the website with avatars, though I'm thinking of a different way of going about that.

So that's a glimpse at part of the new website stuff.
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