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Google's Gone Mad11:49 PM -- Wed July 11, 2007

I had a debacle this week trying to get my ISP to fix my email. I discovered I wasn't receiving many things. Long story of back and forth with fixes and things, and at last I found the problem. It wasn't my ISP at all. I forward all my email to gmail as one step in a chain of spam filters, and for no reason this past week, they have upped their spam 'protection' about five million times. Now almost NOTHING gets through! I'm plowing backwards through the spam box in my gmail account right now, discovering hundreds of things I should've received, but it's taking a long long time, and I could easily make a mistake and miss something. So...

If you emailed me recently and didn't get a reply, please write again!

And hopefully I will get past this. I think I may have to drop gmail from the loop and just accept that I'm going to be downloading a whole lot more email before my vastly more intelligent local spam filter (K9) can catch it. It's very sad because it used to be a really handy thing. It was a very mild filter, just weeding out the thousands of much more egregious things, so that I had maybe 5% as much email to actually spend time downloading before my local filter got to work (after which I basically had ONLY good emails - a very solid system!). Now it's so aggressive, I can't trust it. I'm going to have to either sift through it every day (totally defeating the purpose), or just go ahead and skip it.
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