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Wildblue's Gone Mad06:14 PM -- Sat July 14, 2007

And to add insult to injury, before I could reply to all but a couple of those emails I dug out of gmail (I have now bypassed them, which is a pain, but beats losing emails), my satellite went down. I am typing this from the library. Our home has been netless for 48 hours now! It hurts! I'm on an online chat with them, since when I called them, it said "your wait time is greater than 40 minutes, hold on!"

Reading up on forums, it sounds like Wildblue equipment is really bad. A bunch of installers are complaining about how they have to constantly go in and replace the TRIAs (not sure quite what that is, but I think it's the high tech part that sits in the satellite dish itself) constantly, and they don't get paid enough for the service calls for it. Some of them say they no longer install Wildblue because of it. Sounds like another winner I've hooked up with! Oh, how I'm dying for some DSL. But it's not likely to arrive in our world for many many years. One of the perks of country living.

So for now anyway, and maybe for the next couple of weeks until we get a tech out (last time I called for one, the appointment was 2 weeks later!), I can only be on when I come down to the library. Very bleh. I'm trying to get replies out to all your emails now, so here goes!
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