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I have gone mad!10:39 PM -- Wed July 25, 2007

Oops. When I changed Supreme CDs to out of stock on our Buy Stuff page, I managed to break the page, causing most orders to fail entirely. And with my handy lack of internet access, I didn't find out for a few days. It's fixed now, of course. That was surely a good deal what with our appearance in Games For Windows' August issue, which just came out! I don't have it with me to quote to you at this time (surely an "LL2 Propaganda" journal entry is in your near future), but there's quite a positive review. Check it out, on page 43. Apparently, they find me a bit bizarre.

Also, I got a root canal done on Monday, and I want to tell you: if you are in the Temecula area, and looking for a dentist, Creating Smiles with Dr. Witek is the place for you! I've always been really impressed with how he managed to make every filling painless (and I get plenty, hence the current root canal - I DO take care of my teeth, mind you. Do YOU floss twice a day?? It's bad genetics, lucky me), but this was over the top. I mean, "root canal" is basically a code word for "unimaginable pain" in common American parlance. But from the moment he poked the novacaine into my gums (prior to which I was indeed in unimaginable pain, hence the need for a root canal), the pain was gone. He scraped stuff out of me and packed it all back together with numerous severe warnings of how I was going to be in serious pain for a few days. I was so worried, all that talk about the heavy pain drugs people use for that stuff. Guess what? NO pain. And I mean actual NONE. It's two days later now, and I even went back there for the cleaning I was originally scheduled to have before my mouth exploded (the cleaning was of course painful as always). There is NO pain! I think that's at least partially just the circumstances of the nerve involved - even the dentist was surprised to hear I was in no pain - but this dentist is the one to choose. A root canal's a multi-part process, so I will be back next Monday for another scraping (I could give details of how it all works, but if you want to know that, look it up - no need to horrify my readers), so I reserve the right to experience pain then. I don't expect to, though. It's just so nice. The whole experience is hardly anything more than getting a filling, not the big nightmare I had expected. Well, the first visit anyway. Two more trips to go, I think.

And I'm really enjoying being able to drink things on both sides of my mouth at will painlessly, like a crazy person.

My internet should be back by tomorrow. I will hopefully see you all on chat and forums much more often then! Well, assuming this does fix it, but I have high hopes. Everything seems hopeful when your teeth are fixed! I am looking forward to the magic of networked communication.
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