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2 Weeks Later...04:38 PM -- Fri July 27, 2007

As of yesterday evening, I have a working internet connection again! I've been without for two weeks, and the endless trips into town for the library were getting really old. So much catching up to do... I have been working on the site in the meantime, but not a lot. I had plenty of time to do it, I just had no energy to work when things weren't the way they should be. And a lot of times I'd come to a point where I'd realize I needed to look something up (like javascript stuff), and couldn't do it. Life without the internet is positively barbaric.

On the Hamumu Propaganda train, please turn your hymnals to page 43 of Games For Windows magazine. The Indie Pick Of The Month is Loonyland 2. There's two screenshots, then a bunch of talk about how extremely bizarre I must be. Some choice comments:
  • "The game is straight-up goofy."
  • "wind-up mice that projectile vomit"
  • "somebody somewhere was smoking something when designing this indie title" (not true. Well, I'm sure it is true just based on pure statistics, but it wasn't me)
  • "Oddly out-of-place characters meet you along the way, including a 'legitimate businessman' with an accent thicker than Tony Soprano's." (is it really?)
  • "And at 20 bucks, I'd say I got my money's worth." (well, actually it's $24.95...)
It's a very positive review, assuming you like strange things. There were also a couple sentences praising the music, which seems to be a common theme in reviews. I guess I picked the right stuff! Wish I had written it, but still somehow it makes me proud just that I apparently did a good job of picking music, even if I didn't write it.

But that's not all the propaganda for today! Good thing I flipped through the magazine after buying it, instead of just reading my review. Turn to page 49, for "Random Access: 10 Things We're Into This Month". Thing #7 is entitled "NPC: THE GAME" (can you guess where this is going?). It reads:

Here's a goofy concept for an RPG game: You're the NPC. Well, kind of. In NPC Quest (www.hamumu.com/gamelets.php), you shop, prep your character for whatever battles lie ahead, and then kick back and watch how well you did. You have zero control over your in-game avatar. There's still some strategy to it, sure; it's just a little more passive than your typical RPG.

So that was really cool to find. Now how can I get more coverage...?
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