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APPLE FRIES10:26 PM -- Mon September 17, 2007



Now, Apple Fries have nothing whatsoever to do with Hamumu Software, but we are still very pleased to announce them anyway, because yum. What are apple fries? Well, they're like fries, only they're APPLES! And they come with 'creamy vanilla sauce' (I think that means cool whip with vanilla mixed in), and are rolled in cinnamon sugar. You probably have never heard of apple fries, and you know why not? Because you'd have to pay $57 to get in to where you could bear witness to their wonderment! Yes, Apple Fries are available only at Legoland (as far as I know). Worth their inflated $5ish price? Absolutely. Worth paying $57 to get to? Well...

Anyway, we went to Legoland yesterday on a whim (the plan was to go to the beach, but Legoland was right there). As you may have surmised, we discovered the amazing world of Apple Fries while we were there. I also discovered how evil corporations can be as I paid $57 (each!) to get into a "park" which was nothing but an advertisement for a product. We had fun, though. Not $57 fun, but fun. We looked at lots of intriguing sculptures, and ate apple fries, and that's all. The only ride we did was a boat ride that takes you around to see intriguing sculptures. We got in line for a roller coaster which I was excited about, but we got out of line when we watched its entire run take place over the span of no more than 20 seconds, and I am so not exaggerating. I didn't even know you could make a coaster that small.

And yes, I bought legos at an exorbitant price. A remote-controlled dinosaur that I am hoping will frighten/amuse the cats when it is done. So the propaganda worked, and doubled the amount we paid overall. It's sad. Oh, besides sculptures, we did get to see lego factory thingies, which were interesting. Seeing how they make them, a bit. There's a lot of stuff there that would be fun if you were a small person, like rides for the wee, and a driving test, and the coolest was a room where you build a lego car, and then run it on a track (downhill - no power involved), and see how you stack up. But still, don't bring your kids there... save your $57 and buy them some legos!

Note: You are supposed to refer to legos only as "Lego bricks or toys" (probably with a little circled R at the end of Lego). I ain't doing it!!!

Note 2: I want more Apple Fries, RIGHT NOW.
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