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Bodging's Hard, Everybody06:03 PM -- Wed September 26, 2007

Progress on the website front... as of sometime last week, I am officially now the hold-up. I have my merchant account fully set up and working, I just don't have it implemented into the site yet. But as of today, I almost have that too! We will have NEWMUMU sometime in October, for sure! I've also gotten lots of CDs shipped direct to me, for future shipping out direct to you. So CD purchasing shall return with the new site, and it will be efficient and cheap, with no nasty surprises. I like being back to having an office full of CDs, it feels so much more Hamumuey.

And sorry about the Dumb: The Game thing... still waiting for a reply on that, but fingers are crossed. Worst case, I'll just have to empty it out and let you start from scratch. Not so bad with that game, you can just remember what the answers were and get back to your previous place. But hopefully I can get the backup restored.

And of course, work continues on my Best Halloween Ever surprise. You better be working on yours too! Mine will surprise you with surprisitude. And while you're at it, work on a Halloween Horror 8 world too. Don't neglect those duties. Feel free to neglect your non-Hamumu duties.
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