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The Wonders Of Vista10:29 PM -- Sat September 29, 2007

Not enough people singing the praises of Vista, so I'll drop a quick note here to do so. I was working on some code today, and I tried to save my work, as I so often do. It gave me an error saying I didn't have permission to write the file. I thought that was odd, and tried a bunch more times to no avail. I checked it out, tried copying the file, and changing the properties. Nothing would let me mess with the file. One thing I certainly did NOT try was deleting it. Because that would've been stupid, of course. I needed that file. Badly. I tried shutting down any programs that might be using the file, but nothing worked. Finally, I figured I should reboot and see if it is usable then, but I took one last look in the folder first. And what do you know? The file was GONE. Deleted, I guess. By Windows. That is definitely a first for me. I rebooted and looked again, and it is very very gone.

So for the past couple of hours I've been messing with undelete programs to absolutely no avail, and then I checked my backup drive (checked it last, since I knew it had been weeks at least since I had done that), and I've never backed this file up. So here I go, off to rewrite the file (not actually from scratch - this project is a modified version of one of my earlier games... but there were some major changes to that code!). Let's see what I can remember, and what strange bugs creep in from things I forgot I modified.

I really didn't need to have a big delay in this particular project, for reasons you can guess. But the lesson is what it always is. Back up, back up, back up. That lesson will stick for a week or two, I guess.
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