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Sneak Peek: More Bouapha09:39 PM -- Mon December 3, 2007

Look, here's Bouapha battling the first new enemy in his next adventure. Could this be more of a clue towards what the adventure is about?

And it's no coincidence that his foes are also armed with (a less powerful model of) the H.R. Puffencrush. Weapons like that aren't normally found in our world! Also of note is the very awkward position Bouapha is in - notice his spine is being twisted 90 degrees. He can actually go 180, but I'm thinking of changing that. See, his legs go the direction he's moving, while his body points where the mouse cursor is. It looks good in action, the only weird thing is when he's turned all the way around. My idea for that is to have him walk backwards if his facing is completely opposite his leg direction, but that's not exactly a high priority issue at the moment.

Speculation abounds!
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