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Short Fuse Enhanced Edition!12:46 AM -- Thu January 3, 2008

I've finally finished the upgraded version of Short Fuse. It's not a huge overhaul, but the editor is dramatically improved. In addition, there are a bunch of new game elements, and 5 new levels to use those elements:
  • Keys & Doors - As you can imagine, you need the keys to open the doors.
  • Heartbreakers - Don't touch them! If you get one, your multiplier drops to zero, meaning no more points for you for the rest of the level.
  • Rockets & Targets - My personal favorite. When you light them, they launch off and hit the nearest Target, exploding.
  • Teleporters - A little more interesting than in most games, simply due to the rules of this game. See the new level Resumption to understand why it's interesting.
So that's what I spent my day doing! I also have finished testing a late WW6 world at last, and should have that and a newsletter for you tomorrow! Enjoy! And make me some new levels!

P.S. I resubscribed to WoW on New Year's Eve. Goodbye cruel world!
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