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Hamumu News10:15 PM -- Tue February 12, 2008

Things are slow of late. If you're wondering how pathetic I am, this is a reliable measure: yesterday, I activated the Parental Controls on my WoW account, to prevent me from playing before 3pm on weekdays (that might also answer the question as to why I am writing this right now - waiting...). It has truly become that horrible addiction you hear about. But with those controls set up, and the willpower not to go in and adjust them, I've got most of the day clear for work.

So that means I worked today, but not a lot. I'm really hung up on the driving controls in Happyponygate. I haven't actually put a lot of real time into them, but I keep tweaking and not being happy with them, and I've probably spent 10 hours in the past week just thinking about them, as I was driving places or laying in bed. I'm so much not happy with them that I dropped it for a long while today and spent a couple hours back working on Titan Tunnels! That is much more fun. I think I will alternate between them, because forcing myself to do this Happyponygate stuff just burns me out.

So that's what's going on. The WoW addiction is extreme and troublesome, but it has been chained up to an extent. It's odd because I don't want to be addicted to it, but I definitely don't want to stop playing it. It's really quite entertaining, and I have no desire to have the desire not to play it, if you see what I mean. I just want to be able to be productive despite playing it. I suppose that's the point of it being addictive. If it wasn't fun, I really wouldn't be interested in playing. Hmm, indeed.
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