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Strawberry Flavored Crunchlets03:39 AM -- Thu February 14, 2008

That title is the 3rd ingredient in the cereal I was just snacking on. That's the record for oddest thing in an ingredients list that I have witnessed. Seems like that must violate some labeling law. Maybe the fact that they followed it with parentheses containing all the actual ingredients of said crunchlets made it legal.

This is my jury duty week. It's working out well so far - Called on the weekend and they said to call Monday. Called on Monday and they said to call Wednesday (woo, skipped a day!). Called tonight and they said to call Thursday. So it has been quite easy service so far. That's how CA jury duty works (or at least in San Diego and Riverside counties, but I think it's statewide). You call in and they tell you if you have to come in. I and my wife have each had this twice now, and it's been all calls and no go every time. So I'm hoping for that this time, but since I was able to get them to move it to a much closer court, I'm not concerned either way. Could be a fun and unique experience! Still, my vote goes to "sit at home and play WoW".

I mean work.
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