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Biz: Good Article01:18 AM -- Wed March 5, 2008

Here's an article about the concept of 1,000 True Fans: Read me

I actually only kind of skimmed it so far. I need to read it more thoroughly, then read it again a few times. It speaks to exactly how I want to run my business, and how I inadvertently have. Not that I think I've got 1,000 people yet who fit the mold of True Fan, but I've got a bunch. The trick, and what I need to concentrate on, is not acquiring new fans (as nice as that is), but being fanworthy. Keeping my True Fans really interested and providing them lots of reasons to stay fully invested in Hamumudom. It's a very interesting thing to think about, and kind of a different angle on business - usually these things are focused on how you can capture people with ads or viral connections or whatever. I definitely like the idea of nurturing relationships with the true fans a lot more. Unlike marketing, it's something I can figure out! Maybe.
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