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Player Ratings!10:58 PM -- Mon March 10, 2008

I've said before that Mondays are for website work, and new feature ahoy! Players can now rate our games. You have to have an account to rate, which I feel like is kind of a cheap shot on my part - I'm sure it will bias things in my favor. I mean, after all, the people who bother to make a Dumb Account are the type to think highly of the games. But I really don't like when things can be used by anonymous internet folks. It rarely goes well. I'd hate to spend all my time deleting virtual graffiti. So if that means I have to settle for slightly biased reviews, well, that's my cross to bear.

If this system goes well, I'll expand it to cover the add-on worlds and fan art. I'm a little leery to do it, because I know there will be some hurt feelings as people make comments that aren't entirely friendly, but I will certainly moderate it heavily. Feel free to be harsh on my games if you want, though! Anyway, go check it out and get some ratings in there.
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