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Mini Update04:15 AM -- Thu March 13, 2008

Small progress on many things:

- Trestles built and installed on Lego train set! I got to actually drive the train all the way around the full loop for the first time. Quite exciting. It has a real hard time getting up the hill, and can barely do it at all with 2 cars attached. Going downhill, it goes at light speed. Pictures to come in the future sometime.

- Worked on the Happyponygate pause screen stuff. Nothing exciting there, but I figured I had to tackle something I had a solid grasp on, just to get into it. It's got kind of a tab/folder setup for the different areas like Inventory, Goals, and Options.

- Titan Tunnels, just some design stuff.

- Hamtile the hammy tile editor is underway, but not really gotten anywhere. I decided to start it over using a different graphics system rather than building it out of Supreme. The advantage will be much better acceptance of windowed mode and playing more nicely with other programs and alt-tabbing. Also, the library (PixelToaster) is truecolor rather than 256 color, so it will be very quick and easy to adapt it to editing truecolor tiles when that becomes useful.

- All my WoW guys are level 34 today!

- Our apple trees are just on the brink of leafing out. It's fun that spring is here. I forgot what warm feels like.
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