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Vacation Shutdown01:10 AM -- Mon April 7, 2008

Well, it's been a 2-week vacation, somewhat unintended and somewhat intended, and today is the last day. It started out as a short break for Easter, a couple days of fun and lowered work, but then the illness struck. That knocked out pretty much a whole week of the two weeks. I didn't even play WoW for most of that! That's a pretty serious malady. Then I got mostly better (still coughing, though), but it remained seriously vacationistic here. But Spring Break ends today, with Sol returning to her jobs tomorrow, and I doing the same.

So, the upside of it is that I am raring to go. I think the sum total of work I did over this break was to make this decision: I am going to crank out Happyponygate like a man possessed (by a Happy Pony), and get that out of the way so I can make LL3. So it's Happy Pony time around here and I am going to knock that thing down fast. I must!!
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