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Sneak Peek: Happyponygate11:22 PM -- Wed April 9, 2008

Well, I did artwork today, and that's the first thing I did. I don't know that it's the most productive thing to work on, but it was a lot of fun. I used a CD case I have for reference. The viewer can try to figure out exactly what case that is. The actual title screen will have those "runes" orbiting the pony head, not just sitting there. It'd be fun if the menu options did that too, but they'll probably just pop in from the side or something.

In terms of useful artwork, I didn't actually get a lot done. It turns out that creating fancy high-tech weapons takes a while. I wasn't working slowly or anything, it's just a lot to do. So I got 3 of the weapons modeled, and the 'ammunition' for one of them (because that weapon has its ammunition sticking halfway out of the barrel, so I needed to do that to make sure it matched). It's the most interesting and detailed ammunition in the game, it took longer to make than any of the guns I made. That should make you curious!

I've been having fun with making the weapons physically different. The 3 I made today, one is held like a normal gun (though a second hand is definitely needed to steady it, as it's enormous), one is upside-down like the Heavy Weapons Guy gun in Team Fortress (the handle is on top, as is a second handle for your other hand), and the third is shoulder-mounted. Of course, I think that covers all of the possible ways to hold a gun, so unless I decide one of them will be strapped to your head, they'll all be rehashes from here on out. Maybe I should do one that mounts across your waist like a steadicam. Or a backpack with two barrels coming out over your shoulders. We'll just have to see, because I've only done concept art on one of the other weapons.

I'm definitely trying to make them all enormous and look ridiculous. It's a little tricky because you run into trouble trying to get Bouapha to hold them. His first hand going on the trigger is fine, but when the gun is really big, getting his other arm somewhere to support tends to involve stretching that arm in a bad way. That's why the Puffencrush that's in the game now isn't nearly as big as I would like. I had to shrink it down so he could reach the second grip.
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