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Sneak Peek: Costume Party Dumb Pack06:54 PM -- Tue January 13, 2009

What's to see... the new rounder-headed Bouapha (yeesh, the complaints!), the Yerfdog costume, Shroom, Cliffside, Color Tickers, and the new 'fake bricks'. The fake bricks aren't just a Dumb Pack feature. I got really tired of people cheating by editing their graphics files, and then making levels that are impossible for non-cheaters to win, or at least incredibly annoying. So now, even though it doesn't look nearly as good, we all get partially transparent fake bricks. If you look closely, you can always spot what's behind fake bricks now. I think it's really dumb, and it ruins a lot of nice things (such as having invisible 'machinery' in a level that controls your platforms appearing and disappearing), but don't blame me. Blame the people who cheat and the people who think "challenge" is synonymous with "trial and error". I've also made No Costume Zones deadly if they are on grates now.

Ranting aside, you know about Bouapha already. The Shroom I have explained before. Cliffside is just a new terrain, equivalent to bricks, except unsmashable (so Witches can zap it). It automatically applies grass on top as needed.

Then of course Yerfdog! He's not fully implemented yet, but my plan for him is that he's light and floaty, like the ghost, but can't actually bounce in the air. He just has a regular (but very high) jump. The unique feature of his jump is that, if it works right, he'll be able to control his jump height by holding the up arrow longer. But his important ability is, as people suggested in the forums, the ability to inhale enemies (and crates) and then spit them out later. That should prove a lot of fun. Sneak up behind a Scream Queen and inhale her, then you are safe to move through before depositing her somewhere else. He will probably be impaired in some way while carrying a monster - unable to jump at all, perhaps? Maybe just a shorter jump.

The last new thing was also suggested on the forum (sorry, I haven't been keeping track of who suggested what! Take credit in the comments!), the Color Ticker. Three colors available, as you can see. When anyone steps in front of one of these, all Tickers of that color begin ticking, and it acts as a switch. After 8 seconds, it switches things back and stops ticking. You can restart the time by touching it again (or another of the same color). So this should be really handy for timed challenges. Can you hop across the spike pit before you lose your platforms? You can do the same thing with monsters moving on switches, but it's more elegant to have the player able to control when the time starts. Of course, you could also have a monster controlling that, couldn't you? Also, it looks cool because a little hand sweeps around the clock as it counts down.
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