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Dumb Packed09:09 PM -- Thu February 5, 2009

Looks like the Dumb Pack is just about there. I don't doubt more issues will appear, but that's why it's nice that it's so easy to update! I've put up the trophies and awards for it on the Dumb Pages. So it's good. I'll just need to release the next patch which fixes the issues people have noticed lately (holding off until tomorrow to see what else pops up), and update the game info page so it doesn't try to warn you against buying it anymore! And of course do the stupid newsletter I have been procrastinating (but besides procrastination, it is appropriate for it to be delayed until the game is out for real, right? I want to announce it!).

Then that's it! I'm moving on. I am moving on to Loonyland Tactics. I have a great idea about the development of this game, but I'm going to have to do some testing first to make sure it's feasible and wise, so I will probably delay the start of development for a week or so first while I work on those other things. Wouldn't it be nice if I did some Costume Party marketing in the meantime?

I've also been thinking about and planning for this year's PAX! It's a tad premature, but Phil Hassey and I have been talking about sharing a booth, so I got to tinkering in my brain with what I would be doing in my booth. I'll definitely have game CDs available, and it occurred to me that not only do I want to sell T-shirts there, but it's the ideal opportunity to go ahead and get a full-size T-shirt run produced! Sure, they'll be sitting around the house taking up space needlessly for now as the orders barely trickle in, but since I'll need to have a bunch handy for the show anyway, why not get them now? Then I can have shirts up on the site all nice and normal and fancy. I'm trying to go for ones with appeal beyond just Hamumu, and the two that have really caught my brain have been the No-Pumpkins shirt (I have no idea why that hadn't occurred to me before it was mentioned on the forum!), and a classier version of the "I Am Dumb" shirt, with a warning sign style to it. Like you're letting people know in advance, so they can be careful. So come on out to PAX this year (it'll be in Seattle at the end of August, I believe), meet us, buy some CDs and T-shirts, and check out what we are up to!

Maybe I'll arrange a secret code phrase so true Hamumians can get a sneak peek at whatever I am working on then, while the lesser mortals just get to play the existing games. The secret code will probably be "Hey, I'm from the forums!"

Oh, and speaking of Phil, he's hosting this month's Mini-LD, which is this weekend! Unfortunately, so is our Groundhog's Day party (featuring Rock Band!), so I don't know how much participating in Mini-LD I will be doing.
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