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Viddler On The Roof07:05 PM -- Mon February 23, 2009

Here's a Viddler version of the show... much higher quality, it seems like. The original video is 1280x720, so the youtube quality was a disappointment! I've also put it up on Vimeo, but they seem to have completely exploded the second after I did. They're back up now, but now my video says it has 2,130 minutes until it's done processing. So we'll check that out later... I think I'm liking Viddler best at this point. It's still annoying how both of these sites show videos in widescreen format, yet they both only provide square embedded players (note letterboxing below!). If you go to either Youtube or Viddler, you can see the video in full widescreen. It looks much sharper on Viddler.

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