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No Pumpkins!11:16 PM -- Tue February 24, 2009

What do you think of that? It's not being produced, it's being considered. This is a screenshot from one of those t-shirt sites, using my own image, obviously. I thought that hand-drawn (not terribly well) look was the most appropriate - yes, it is intentional! I'm not just a bad artist, I'm a bad artist with class. Would you buy this? Is it the wrong shade of green? Should the pumpkin be bigger and stick out around the NO sign? Should it be a 3D pumpkin from the game? Should it be a pixelated pixel pumpkin? Should there be some text somewhere? Should the artwork be moved up? Moved down? Bigger? Smaller? I don't think bigger is actually possible.

I kind of like it as is, although I wonder if people will interpret it as an anti-Halloween message. Quel traveste'!
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