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Behind The Dumb Episode 303:14 PM -- Sat March 14, 2009

Show Notes (watch the show first!):
  • The first segment, talking about using Flash for the first time, I don't think it hits the point hard enough. I'm going to not just be making a technically complex game, unlike any I've ever done... I'm gonna be writing it in a new language! But the upside is that when I'm finally done, in however many years it takes, I'll be a master of flash! With some effort, I may become Grandmaster Flash. Either way, I'll be able to make games that run on every platform, in your browser, and roxor any undergarments you may be wearing.

  • "When Changes Attack" is probably very unclear, because I'm trying to drill down on a really complex issue that I spent about 2 weeks muddling over in my head every day. Basically, the problem is that in a turn-based game, where people can be in multiple games at once and games can last weeks, you can't just say "everybody off, I need to make changes". If I have to change something (or if a player levels up, thus improving his units), then suddenly, the player who already took his turn has already seen things happen with the old values, whereas his opponent logs on to watch things play out with the new values. They now have two totally different game states, and the game is broken (maybe in one, a guy's soldier died because he took 6 damage, but to the other player, it wasn't enough damage to kill him). So to avoid that, I'm going to have each new game make a copy of all the relevant units and abilities and player skill trees before the game begins. Then, when that game looks up "how much damage does a knight do?", it looks at its unchanging copy instead of at the possibly-changing original value. Maybe that's more clear. Maybe it's not. I told you, it's a complicated issue! (And I know, some people would solve this by including how much damage an attack does in the record of the attack, but I felt this was a much cleaner solution this way because of all the things that can potentially change, not just damage).

  • The Blair Witch moment is, for some reason, Sol Hunt's favorite moment in the entire series (and also, yay, she gives Episode 3 the coveted "Best one yet!" award, which is faint praise, but praise enough).

  • I also had an email handy from Moltanem2000 which I had to cut out for time. This episode is still a full minute longer than the last two! I was going to cut more, but the boss said it was much more engaging than the previous ones even though it was longer, so it was worth it. And I didn't know what to cut.

  • I'm gonna do more detail on the Snuggly Bunny units in this journal in the upcoming week. Not much detail, since it's only very loosely designed anyway, but some!

  • Another cliffhanger! Will you ever know the truth!? Yes, in episode 4!
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