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Behind The Dumb: Episode NONE02:54 PM -- Thu March 19, 2009

There won't be a BTD this week... but I am filming stuff for a juicy episode next week! Monday and Tuesday I was on a trip, and Friday I'm off again until Saturday, and we have a houseguest from then until... Tuesday or Wednesday I think. So between these two weeks, I have MAYBE almost 5 days to work on stuff. And really, I can tell you from yesterday's experience that coming back after a break, not a lot gets done at first either!

But I got my flash game book, and I think I am going to make the Word Search game that's in it (it basically takes you through step by step 12 different games). Good practice, and something sorta fun to have on the site. I could just dive in and reference it as I try to make LLTT, but this'll be fun and I'll be slightly more skilled when I actually do start on the real deal.
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