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Leeloo Dallas Multipersonality06:42 PM -- Wed April 22, 2009

This system is going well! I'm not really getting much of what I have scheduled actually done, but I'm getting stuff done! All the little things I always ignore and let slide. Paypal is almost set up at long long last. I put up fan art and photos that have been sitting. I tested an LL2 addon. I purchased some ADVERTISING. Me! It was very half-hearted, but I am learning how it works, maybe. I've cleaned about 1/3 of my inbox of things that have accumulated over the past year for no reason. I've installed a new video card and monitor to make WoW look better (that doesn't count, you say?). I've done dishes and walked dogs (the latter actually not scheduled and in fact dramatically cutting into progress on all things that are - it's a fence training issue, hopefully finished this week). I've contacted press type people about various things Hamumu (a little teeny bit).

I see victory in hand!! Now if only I could define victory.
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