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Behind The Dumb Episode 602:12 AM -- Mon April 27, 2009

Episode 6 of Behind The Dumb is here! This one is a whole different kind of thing as it follows step-by-step my work during a 48-hour contest.

Show Notes (Watch first!):

- It's a two-parter! Way too much to fit in one episode.

- The uploading experience was an experience, as I ran out of allowed bandwidth on my internet connection, so I got by with a little help from my friend.

- If you are particularly interested, watch it twice, and pay close attention to the timelapse in the corner of the screen the second time. It's undoubtedly more entertaining than I am! I like the part where I'm drawing the old man, anyway.

- That's all I have to tell you about it, it's quite self-explanatory.
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