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Hamumu.Fan.Blog04:13 PM -- Mon May 11, 2009

I just had this idea, and I thought I'd spin it by the community and see if it's something you'd use. It's the Hamumu Fan Blog. It's exactly like this journal you are reading right here, differences and rules being:
  • Anyone with a Dumb Account can post an entry
  • All entries are emailed to me first for approval
  • Posts must be related to Hamumu
  • Posts have to be of some significance (like short - or long - articles about something). If you have something less meaningful (or spammy) to say, we've got a forum for that
It's nothing you can't do on the forum, but it kind of puts a spotlight on it if you want to post something really noteworthy (like a guide to making tiles, or the story of how you introduced Hamumu to your school). I don't know if that's worth the effort or not. Does it just take away from the forum? Does it add a fun new outlet? Do you have ideas of something you'd want to post there? Whatcha think!?
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