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Behind The Dumb - Episode 8: Functionality06:46 PM -- Fri May 15, 2009

Episode 8 of Behind The Dumb brings you a look into actual development of an actual game! Specifically, the one the series is about.

Show Notes: (Watch it first!)
  • Mikhail Hommelchev was going to make a return appearance to discuss some programming, but I found actually trying to speak with his accent was problematic at best. For a little while, I was Japanese.
  • Dual-monitor tip: my original setup lead me into multiple Blue Screens of Death. I discovered since then that this was because I had both monitors plugged into the same video card (it had 2 video outs). What's working for me now, with no crashes or problems since, is that I re-enabled my computer's onboard video card, and I have one monitor plugged into each card. Probably much easier on the computer too!
  • Got ideas, however outlandish, of what you'd like to see on the show? I wouldn't object to hearing them via any of the many vehicles for commentary that this website provides you! I worry about just continuing to show that same shot of me at my desk, blabbing on about programming. It would be nice to spice things up.
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