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The Good, The Bad, And... That's It05:33 PM -- Thu May 21, 2009

For handy marketing and development purposes, I've created the two following forum threads:

Why do you like Hamumu?

What don't you like about Hamumu?

Your input is greatly appreciated in both! If you are shy, you can send me an email (you can even use the Contact Form without putting in your email to be anonymous - just don't do it when logged in, or it's a lot less anonymous!) instead of posting. But please please send your information. It's for your own good!

The first question will be very helpful both in knowing how to market the site so I can bring you more new friends to play with/abuse, and in knowing what the key things to keep/expand are. The second question will tell me what the key issues are that need improvement around here.

Which reminds me that a major overhaul is coming. Probably not soon, only because these things take a long long time to finish. But it's underway! It won't be like the last one - we're keeping most of the underlying technology intact. I'll just be adding more interactivity, integrating everything better, making it much easier to navigate (somehow!?), improving the looks, making it look more appealing to the n00Bz, and fixing whatever you complain about in that second thread! Well, if I agree.
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