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Hello Kitty Island Adventure11:14 PM -- Thu June 11, 2009

Sometimes I encounter something I want to know about, and it takes some googling, and then I find it. Sometimes it is not easy to google (this actually was, though). So in an effort to make it easier to google things that interest me, let me post about it here, so when you google for it, you will find it!

In this case, that thing is changing the fonts in WoW. I saw a youtube video with different fonts, and I got intrigued. It turns out that it is trivially easy to put in any font you have! And oh so fun. Behold:

Now it really is Hello Kitty Island Adventure!

If you too want to make WoW adorable, it's super easy, no risk, and doesn't involve overwriting or deleting anything. Do this:
  • Create a folder inside your WoW folder, called "Fonts"
  • Copy the fonts you want into it (the .TTF files which you can find in your C:\Windows\Fonts folder normally, or can download from many free font sites on the web). You need four fonts. You can choose fonts for the main UI, normal numbers (I think this means life meters and such), 'huge' numbers (the ones that pop up when you hurt things), and quest log/mail text. I just used four copies of the same font.
  • Rename the four fonts you copied in as follows:
    • Main UI: FRIZQT__.ttf (that's two underscores at the end)
    • Numbers: ARIALN.ttf
    • Big Numbers: skurri.ttf
    • Mail/Quest: MORPHEUS.ttf
  • You're done! When you start WoW, it will be as adorable as you like.

For those of you who don't care about WoW, or about making it adorable, I will talk about Hamumu. The new website is coming along well, but there's a lot to do. I am quite slow about the newsletter, I know, and Behind The Dumb hasn't been around in weeks. I'll try to get on those, but the real priority is the website (and I am also putting a lot of time into the game, I'm not letting that drop for the website). I want to really talk about what's going on here and why it's happening, but that is going to have to wait a bit. Catch you later with more on that!
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