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Hamumu.... Clubhouse?!?!10:56 PM -- Fri June 12, 2009

I'm going to get blog-happy by giving you tidbits every weekday until I run out of tidbits, showing you what's going to be going on with this site.

FIRST, A NOTICE: A lot is changing here! But what is not changing at all is what Hamumu is about. I'm not going to be making different games, I'm not making it all kiddie and stupid. I'm just streamlining what is here, making it more fun and usable, and (here's the part some of you will choke on) focusing the 'message'. Just making what I want and saying "Here it is!" doesn't pull people in. You guys who read this like it, but getting you here was a challenge! So I had to pick my target and focus the site to aim at that target, like a magnifying glass on an ant. What that doesn't mean is that this is no longer a site for you. It's all about you. It just presents itself to the rest of the world in a more specific way. I'm focusing the outward appearance to draw in new people of a certain type, I'm not changing the guts. Until next time, dear reader - Courage.

This is the new logo! Yes, the very name of the site is changing! After all, people buy games here, sure, but the real core of the site is the clubhouse. The forum. You guys hang out here, and it's your clubhouse! We're going to do things to improve that club experience and give you more to do! Stay tuned. Oh, and of course, the wagging tail is coming back. Could that be the most requested thing in Hamumu history?
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