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Yerfbucks!?03:40 AM -- Tue June 16, 2009

Ahh, that sound you hear blasting out of the last entry's comments and the forum is in fact the exact choking I described. My only response to it is please re-read the large notice I attached to the previous post. Okay, my second reply is that about 2/3 of the complaints actually reinforce what a good idea this actually is, though you don't know it yet!

Here's today's extra-controversial tidbit (but can it beat Friday's?) - I'm not positive about this yet, but I believe that I will be making it no longer possible to buy games with Yerfbucks. You will get lots of advance warning if this decision is made, so you can spend 'em while you got 'em. However, you might not want to spend them all, because they will have a ton of uses. You're just losing the ability to buy games with them.

Okay, Mike, now you're just toying with us. But no! There's a very powerful logic behind this. I want Yerfbucks to be all over the place. Imagine, if you will, a hypothetical RPG. In this RPG, you can go around and fight monsters. Now, there are two ways this could work with Yerfbucks being the currency in this game, and also usable to buy games:

1. Monsters killed drop a few Yerfbucks, say 2-5. So in a day, you can rake in 200 or 300 Yerfbucks. You can take one of my games for free every week, as a prize for... playing one of my games? I go broke and die in the gutter.

2. Monsters have about a 1% chance to drop a single Yerfbuck when killed. It's not interesting or worthwhile as a reward, but at least I'm still selling a game occasionally (until someone figures out the ultimate exploit). You die of boredom, possibly in the gutter.

Now, on the flipside, what if Yerfbucks can't be used to buy games? Well now, I (sorta) don't care how many you get! I can make monsters drop a couple Yerfbucks at low levels, and hundreds at high levels. And here's where it gets clever - Yerfbucks are the standard Hamumu currency, not just something unique to that game. So you take those Yerfbucks you got killing monsters, and you go spend them to upgrade your racing car in Super Hammy Kart 5000! The Unified Gaming Theory! It's beautiful! Imagine if in Supreme, you got Yerfbucks instead of coins (that won't happen, it's too tough to update that way, but think of it like that with regard to new games). You can take advantage of your awesomeness at one game to offset your incompetence at another!

Of course, you can also use them to buy Avatar Bits, Custom Titles, and a variety of new things in the new site that don't exist at the moment.

That's only a theory right now. Another way to do it could be to really crank the exchange rate down (much like the US$), so it's more like 100YB to the cent, but that just moves the goalposts, it doesn't set me free to pick amounts for pure gaming purposes.

I think this idea works better, with these games so tied into the site as they will be, to have a universal currency, rather than to make each game unique and disconnected. Certainly some things and some games will be, for balance reasons or other reasons (kinda lame if you just start a brand new game and buy everything right off, so there are many design considerations to that), but the more that can be tied into one Hamumuey whole, the better. And really, if you like a game, you pay for it. Seems like a good deal for both of us! Is anybody really crushed at the thought of paying me for my work?

Please commence wailing and gnashing teeth.
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