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I Surrender!06:03 PM -- Tue June 16, 2009

Okay, okay! The outcry is simply too much. Clearly, Hamumu Clubhouse was a terrible name idea. So I've listened to your suggestions, and there was one in particular that really stood out for me. I know exactly what I want to do with the site now (clearly, I was just nuts before, and I apologize). Behold, the actual new Hamumu logo:

Yes! That was the best idea ever, and thank you very much to Kerma for coming up with it! So now we have a new mascot, Penny the Pen! I know some people are going to really miss Yerfdog, but you can still see him in Supreme With Cheese, and maybe he'll even show up in some future games. I'm not just dropping the guy! But Penny is the new face of Hamumu. She's sassy, she's a pen, and she appeals to women! We've also got a new color scheme, because the all-blue was getting really old.

In addition to this new look (please remember: this is just about the name and look, we're not changing what we're doing here, people), I've also been really fed up with how the chat constantly kicks people out, so I've been developing my own new chat for the site. Here's a sneak preview of the part of it where you click on which words you want to use:

I know some people are absolutely going to moan and complain that they can no longer just type in what they want to say, but Hamumu is a safe place on the web. With the specific list of words, you won't be accidentally (or should I say "inadvertently"?) sharing personal information which could leave you in danger from internet predators.

And here's the thing, folks. I've been working on this a while, and testing it out, and I know it seems clunky to have to click on each word you want instead of just typing, but the truth is, after just a few weeks messing with it, I can talk faster in it than I can typing! Think about it: each click gets you a whole word, as opposed to typing 4-10 characters or so to get a word. Once you learn where each word is, you're cranking stuff out at light speed.

And I can see your other objection coming - "what if I want to say something and it doesn't have the words for it?" Don't worry about it! You can see the list of words right above, and if you can come up with something you want to say that can't be expressed with those words... well, I doubt it's Hamumu-appropriate. I may end up adding another 5 words or so before launch, but in all my testing, I sure haven't come up with any more that I need!

Until next time, french fry Kremlin the morose nucleotides!
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