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Monster Collection10:30 PM -- Mon July 6, 2009

Hamumu has a large collection of monsters from the large collection of games. So why not let you, the Dumb Folks, collect the collection of monsters from the collection?
The collection is just a fun thing to have. Every account gets a random set of 5 monsters. Some are rarer than others. Then, via a very simple process you will discover, you can gradually gain more of them. It's just a little thing to encourage interacting with your fellow Hamumoids. Then I can also use these little monster cards in the future for some other stuff, like a web-RPG like Kingdom of Loathing! That's not in the works, but I always like the idea.

Big thanks to the guys who are right now helping me by making these pictures (it's a tiresome job, I can tell you after doing a whopping two of them)! Two thumbs up to AtkinsSJ, Bunnybot5000, and SpaceManiac who are the ones who've actually already sent me the first batch they did. Don't let that pressure you other guys who signed up to do it, though - I sure didn't expect same-day results! It's quite amazing. Now how can I get you guys to write my games for me...
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