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Boing Boing11:05 PM -- Mon August 3, 2009

It's a Bunny Rider! Well, work in progress, anyway. Note that when riding a bunny, the Order Knight can wear much heavier armor, since he doesn't have to walk. I know the bunny looks sickly, but green is the color used to specify "this changes color according to what team you are on", so it will actually only look sickly when on the green team. I'm not sure I actually want the bunny fur to change based on team, but it'll probably look nice, very pastel easter funtime. I'm also considering making units not change color at all, but sit on top of colored base pieces, to further emphasize the board game aspect. And that way the base pieces can be different shapes as well, so colorblind people aren't lost. Their life meters could be embedded in the base too.

I just got movement working! On my copy at home (not playable online yet), there is now an Order Knight you can click on to order around the map! It's so advanced that it's basically back at the point it was during Behind The Dumb #1. Pretty amazing.
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