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The Magic of Loonyland04:44 PM -- Wed August 12, 2009

I mentioned earlier that there's a religious system in Loonyland. So let's hear about it! You have already met 2/5 of the pantheon if you finished Loonyland 2. You see, there are 5 Titans that rule Loonyland - and by that, I actually mean 5 kinds of Titans, there are in fact hundreds or thousands of each. Each Titan has dominion over one aspect of the land (or not-land in 2 cases). They are the machinery that makes the world run. The people of Loonyland often follow one of these 5 Titans, worshipping them and bringing them offerings at temples that are set up in various appropriate places. In exchange for their obeisance, they gain magical power of the appropriate type. It will be clearer after you meet the Titans:

Ice Titans - Remember them? They are petty and cruel. That shouldn't speak ill of their followers, though. If you lived in the frozen north, you'd be quite nice to the Ice Titans too, if you wanted to keep living.

Sky Titans - Think hard to see if you've seen one of these! They control the skies - whether it rains or is sunny, the actual rising and setting of the sun, the winds, anything that goes on up there.

Sea Titans - These oddly live in the ocean, and I have yet to decide how they appear. Whale-like? Squid-like? Cthulhu? They control the tides and all that stuff. Despite being Sea Titans, they're also in charge of lakes and rivers. Water in general.

Stone Titans - These slow-moving, long-deliberating guys rule the mountains and deserts (sand is just very very small stones, you know). They are the most non-magical of the Titans - a Stone Priest (there are Priests of all 5 types, and they're not very priestlike - more like mages with magic of the appropriate sort) is a big warrior that smashes things with a stone hammer. Logically, these priests value toughness above all. There's plenty of magic powering that smashing, but it's all much more physical and, yes, earthy than the other Titans.

Green Titans - They are the Titans of the woods and trees. All plant life is their domain, but they of course live deep in forests.

So everything that goes on in the world (except for things animals do, which is up to them) is a negotiation between these Titans. Sky and Stone Titans argue over how high mountains can be, Sea Titans want to encroach on the other Titans' land (and woods and ice). Green Titans want to spread their forests out into the deserts. And of course, the nasty Ice Titans just want to cover the world in ice, but they're held in check by the other four.

The Titans have various personalities (individually, and general stereotypical ones for their kind), but their followers, as I mentioned above, don't necessarily fit with that. Someone who's flinging ice magic around isn't an evil person (of course, Baron Von Frostburn is), and a follower of the endlessly benevolent Sky Titans isn't necessarily your friend. It really has more to do with where you grew up, who you've turned to for protection, and of course as usual, who your parents worshipped. Then there could be someone actively seeking magical power - they could cynically make offerings to any Titans they wished. In general though, Titans are not going to bestow much favor on someone who is spreading their offerings around. The Titans know if you are being true to them!

That's where the Priests come in. They usually live at a temple devoted to their particular Titan, and they spend most of their time in some sort of worship to it. As a result, they have great power with that 'element'.

In general, nobody ever sees the Titans. It's not like they're having chats with them (hence why their personalities don't affect worship - people don't even know what they're like in the first place). They work behind the scenes, just managing the world. When your wedding gets rained out, you decry it as the Sky Titans messing with you (and most likely, wedding planners are making offerings in the hopes of preventing it), but you'll never know if it really was something out to get you, or just where the rain had to be at that time. The arrival of the Ice Titans in LL2 was completely abnormal, as was what happened in the ending. There are always rumors of seeing different Titans, but it's like the Loch Ness Monster - that log out in the lake is not a Sea Titan even though Billy Bob swears it is.

And if you wonder where fire fits in, it doesn't. Fire just happens.
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