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Meet The Bunnies #1: Order Knight04:37 PM -- Fri August 14, 2009

I'm going to complete the entire Loonyland Tactics game with just one army, The Order Of The Snuggly Bunny. Once everything is working deliciously with them, I can gradually slip in the others. The game should be released and played by millions with just one army. The others will add spice!

So to that end, I've been working out exactly what this army contains. Let me take you, every so often, through the units of that army. I won't be giving out any numbers, because I'm not messing with numbers at all until I actually have these things live in game where the numbers might mean something. Today, we meet the backbone of the whole force. The cheapest unit, of which you will have many in every game.

Order Knight
This is your basic infantry unit. A man in a bunny suit, armed with a poleaxe. Cheap to buy, low-medium damage, weak armor, low-medium life, medium speed, medium vision. Just your basic soldier. He can eventually obtain 3 active abilities and one not-so-active, if you choose the appropriate skills when leveling your commander (Captain Capitan):
  • Slash: This ability does not require skills to obtain. It's just a basic melee attack. This being a rather standard turn-based game, attacking ends his movement.

  • Fury: This is a buff you gain each time you hit an enemy with Slash. You can stack it up to 5 times, and it never goes away. It either has no effect, or it gives you 1 Armor per charge (maybe a skill would add the Armor bonus, but it seems sad to spend a skill point to gain nothing!). So look below to see why you want it.

  • Fist Of Fury: You can only use this when you have at least 1 Fury. It uses up 1 Fury to quickly strike someone for 1/4 normal damage. The wonderfulness is that it does not end your movement to do so. If you have 5 Fury, you can wander around smacking 5 guys before ending with a Slash.

  • Furious Slashes: You can only use this with at least 1 Fury also. It uses up all your Fury to strike your target that many times for half damage each time, but it is armor-piercing.
And there is the first one! A nice straightforward attack unit, easily countered with ranged attacks (I think). I'm trying to stick in several interesting mechanics in each unit, so that I have to develop the code to manage such things, making it easier to make the future armies. If that makes actually playing too confusing, I can always trim them down to more simple features (hey, Advance Wars just has plain old attack!), and still have the ability to make the fancy features for specific units that need them.
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