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Meet The Bunnies #2: Chaplain05:00 PM -- Thu August 20, 2009

The Chaplain is of course the religious arm of the Order Of The Snuggly Bunny. And like any fantasy religious guy, he's all about healing! This is probably the most complex Bunny unit to use, but also the most important when used right. It's the Zerg Queen of Loonyland. He can have the following abilites either inherently or through skill upgrades:
  • Smack - A weak attack, smacking somebody with the holy censer. That'll learn 'em.

  • Heal - Zap a nearby ally, healing him for a good amount. Really straightforward. Possibly can be upgraded to also remove one negative effect (Blindness, Poison, etc).

  • Martyr - Drop dead. There's an upside, though! The targeted nearby ally is healed to full health, and can't be harmed for a turn or two (duration possibly upgrades with skills).

  • Holy Light - Zaps an enemy within a couple of tiles, blinding him for several turns (so he provides no line of sight, but can still attack just fine if someone else is doing the looking for him). Airborne enemies that are blinded become grounded. This is key to the Bunnies, because they don't have much anti-air ability.
The Martyr ability is part of the overall unique feature of the Bunny faction. Order Knights don't seem to have it (yet anyway), but all the other units do. It's inflicting damage to yourself (death, in this case) to do more powerful things. I don't know how that will work out in the balance, but even if the other units can't have it, I think Martyr will still work nicely. Sacrificing an entire expensive unit to heal and protect another is always a fun and tricky decision to be made.

For other units, where they just take X damage in exchange for a more damaging attack, or some other buff, I worry that either the damage will be too low, so nobody will mind and the unit is then just too powerful, or the damage is too high, so nobody will ever use the ability since it's not worth the loss. Perhaps having a few Chaplains around with their Heal ability will make the difference. And someone under a Martyr shield could use abilities like that freely! So it does get interesting... wish this was all made so I could try it out.

I may also drop Smack, since it's pretty useless and just for fun, and replace it with Shield, which protects the targeted ally from the next hit they would take. Maybe that too could be used to protect them from self-damage. That makes it even more intriguing! Of course, that effect could be done just as well by just reversing the order you move the guys in: have the other guy use his self-pain attack, and then have the Chaplain Heal him (assuming the self-pain is equal to or lower than the heal amount, which seems likely).
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