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Hallowed Halls Of Hamumu12:04 AM -- Thu October 1, 2009

Ah, my favorite time of year! Starting just yesterday, the weather has become delightful, windy and cooly warmish (that's a meteorological term, you wouldn't understand). I can smell fall in the air! When allergies aren't stuffing up my nose. And my favorite holiday is coming up too! I don't know how much candy I can allow myself this year - down 10 pounds in the past few months (tried to check the time on my "Lose It!" iPhone app chart, and noticed that it's broken down into 27-day sections. Wha?! About 3 months), and now I'm kicking it into real gear. I have been slacking with that. Sure, I cut down the food, but I barely got my tail end in motion, which as far as I'm concerned is almost entirely what being healthy is about. So I started that today, with some very hearty motion. Keep me on it, I need motivationisms. I Wanna Be The Healthy Guy.

I wonder if anything exciting is going to happen in October? Seems like the month for it, eh? Best month of the year. Best holiday even. Be happy, everybody!
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