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The Real First Gun10:43 PM -- Tue February 9, 2010

It was fun messing with the uberflamethrower, but here's the actual gun you start the game with. It's currently called the Autocannon, but I can probably do better than that. It is much faster than this picture makes it seem - the bullets just fly really fast, which is why they are so far apart. To be precise, it fires 2400 rounds per minute.

I just had to try making it spew casings, and they work pretty well. That's actually only half as many bullet casings as it should be. It used to be the proper number (and had double-muzzle-flash to go with it), but that was just a ridiculous waste of resources. I'm totally going to cause massive browser slowdown with the things I want to do in this game. Probably not the best plan to jam as much firepower as possible into a flash game, but I enjoy it and I will keep going until I discover it's too slow. I will probably have to reduce this monster's rate of fire to start with.

I guess maybe some idea of how the game actually works would be good. You'll learn more as time goes by (Ha, the 14th... notice there was a "Yeah, right" voice in BTD! I'm trying, but I'm not holding my breath). For now, let me tell you that it's a series of smallish levels. Before you go in, you pick which Weapon, Device, and Bomb you will equip. You will gain more to choose from as you beat the bosses. The levels are in sets of 5 - if you collect all the evidence in 4 of those levels (aka beat them - collecting all the evidence is how you finish the level), the 5th level becomes available, and of course the boss is lurking within. Or to be more precise, the crook is lurking within, for you to apprehend and collect your bounty!

And fair warning on actual progress: ALL the game consists of right now is that random garbage level (made of Robot Kitty tiles, yes! That's temporary) in which you can float around blasting away at the walls. I'm making progress, but half the time I feel like I'm developing an entire new paradigm of game development to work around how Flixel does things and how Flash itself does things (still, Flixel is giving me lots of free features I don't want to throw away). At least it's all a lot of really good learning even if it's slow.

And besides, I'm working really hard on the Fool For Love achievement in WoW. You don't want me to miss my chance, right?
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