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Weekend Code Warrior03:38 AM -- Mon March 1, 2010

As advertised, I spent the weekend working on Space Cruise! Well, I spent saturday dealing with a dog that was sick-as-a, and generally moping about, but then today I worked on it! Not hard, because hey, it's the weekend. But it's getting there now. I would share a screenshot, but it looks about the same as before with a couple tiny tidbits different.

The engineering section is completely done now, sounds and all (which is quite a feat for me, since I usually blow that off for a long time), and sickbay is about half done. It's fun because now you can use the mending laser to zap broken bones into health. Eventually you will also need to, and be able to, space-band-aid the injuries once you fix them. Maybe next weekend I can finish it? I dunno! It's a fun little side project.
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