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Puppy After 48 Hours03:00 PM -- Mon April 12, 2010

It's been 48 hours! Yesterday, most of what I accomplished after getting the new map started was touchup stuff, and two new (possibly the last?) cat abilities. This is due in part to some bugs that just dragged on for hours. It's hard to find bugs in Flash, both because of the way the code works and the near-total lack of debugging features. It's also due to Barokorcbama gaining 2 levels.

Got some special effects: sparks when the cat is clawing a guy up, a little dust when you land from a jump (inset right - you can barely see it, but it works well animated), and puffs of smoke (inset top) used for a few different things including enemies dying. I was never a fan of the purple blobs in Robot Wants Kitty, so this smoke is much nicer.

For abilities, just one is shown here, and it's called Ceiling Cat. I want to make one more try making it have decent art, but it may just end up looking like it does. I figure it's better to have a fun ability than only include things I can draw decently!

I think the game is about 70% done. All the serious stuff is implemented and seems to work, most of the art is done, and about 10% of the map is done (making the map is pretty easy). What remains? There's only one enemy type, so more of those seem likely; I need to draw the other powerup icons; make one or two more tilesets; make a HUD; finish the map; make the title and victory pages; and I intend to make an achievement/award type of feature, which should be fun. Oh, and maybe a continue feature, since that was the biggest complaint on Kongregate that still remains unfixed. Not too much!
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