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Robot Wants Bosses11:29 PM -- Fri August 13, 2010

Hallo! Now that you've entered one contest, for which I haven't declared a winner, so see the previous journal entry and put your names in, it's time for another one!

This is a fancier version of the same contest. This time, make up a boss for Robot Wants Ice Cream! The only things you need to keep in mind are:
  • It has to be robotic/mechanical/non-organic
  • Remember how Robot games play. It's a side scrolling platformer where you shoot things. Don't make a boss where you have to solve a switch puzzle or jump on its head or level up or spin around in 3D, that's not what this game is.
  • I reserve the right to rename your design
  • I reserve the right to massively change your design a ton, but still, it's exciting that you inspired it, right?
  • Feel free to include pictures if you want, or just describe things
  • Post your entries as comments on this Journal, or go ahead and post in a thread on the forum (everybody to one thread, please!).
  • Enter this and the previous contest as much as you like, I'm just looking for good ideas.
  • The more specifics the better. "A big green robot" is not interesting or appealing (and it's already in the game!).
The winning entry will become a boss (possibly renamed and massively changed) in Robot Wants Ice Cream! The deadline is once again whenever I pick a winner! The boss naming contest will probably end by Monday or so. I have a favorite choice in that one already, so feel free to come up with something that beats it, or it will win!
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