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Pedro And The 100-Year Quest!11:20 PM -- Tue February 15, 2011

Pedro And The 100-Year Quest is here! Go play it! It's a side-scrolling platformer, but very different from most. Kind of a unique puzzle involving dealing with the fact that you only have two hands. Your boss has sent you into the basement to collect lost back issues of Boys' Life, only as you go around, he'll find lots of other jobs he'd be happy to see you do. But the 100-year anniversary party is starting in 40 minutes, and they need to show off those issues... how much can you get done before it's too late? There are also secret codes in the game that you can find in Boys' Life magazine to gain some very nice bonuses.

And just to be upfront about it, yes, the boss's voice is a terrible attempt at doing Bill Lumbergh. I've always done him in my head, and just never knew how poorly it would come out when employing my actual vocal cords. Curse these cords!!
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