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Breakin' Too02:13 AM -- Sat February 19, 2011

I intended to take a day off after releasing Pedro, but that day I had for taking off was immediately followed by two days of enforced vacationing (a family visit), so yay, a nice big break! I played WoW for hours today! And this morning, I won Borderlands! And now it's raining! That last one isn't related, but it is happening. And I don't like it. I just taped a dishcloth to the bathroom ceiling to help deal with a leak in a sunroof. That's the kind of class, charm, and roof repair capability I possess.

What else can I tell you? I know what I'm working on next, and it's like 2/3 done already, so that should be cool. And it's going to be very fun.

And mini-Hamumu Revue: Borderlands is great. It's really a very straightforward cross between an FPS and Diablo 2. Like it Landed perfectly on the Border between the two! I would gladly go back and play more and more, taking the other 3 classes through the game, and maybe even play the one I won it all the way through "Playthrough 2" (or as I tend to call it, Madcap Mode! No cool crystals to buy though, you just level up like normal). I could see going on with this for nearly as long as I did Diablo 2 (years). But I am trying to be variety-packed in my game playing, so I'll try not to do that. Just as I make a special effort to not only play WoW all the time. I just don't have the gaming time to waste it on plowing through the same games over and over. Which is sort of sad. I mean, if you like a certain game, then hey, that's entertainment for you, enjoy. But I really find that every single new game I play gives me something. Some piece to a puzzle in my head that has no picture of a solution. Every game has lessons to teach me (sometimes by being horrible in a certain way, so I can remember that to avoid it). Like everything in life, it's too easy to get caught in a rut and miss out on the benefits of variety.
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