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You think you know what's to come, what you are. You haven't even begun.11:25 PM -- Fri April 1, 2011

The following is not an April Fool's joke (it's also nothing mindblowing, but I feel I must preface accordingly, because everything else on the internet is a joke)

I was just thinking, when I saw somebody online use the word "moon" in a sentence (an appropriate one, mind you), about all the projects I want to get done, and how there's so much I want to do and I don't know what order I want to do things in. So I thought I'd make a list, and then I thought, why not blog it? It will be of interest and entertainment to you too! Then theoretically, I will take my list and over time, shuffle things around, put stars next to ones I really want, all that stuff. But let's just start by listing out the projects I really want to do. It looks like this, almost in no particular order:

- M.H.D. - This is going to happen, soon.

- A Sol Hunt version of Mad Planet - new levels, somewhat different gameplay, new enemies, same tiles. I worked very hard on those tiles! I keep thinking she could battle Two-Face Tiki on a planet like that. He's one of her classic archnemeses. How classic can any aspect of a game that has never even been close to release be? I don't know.

- Moon Invaders 2 - Not majorly different, but make it easier to understand (i.e. add words to it), a few new features/units, and port it to Flash, and hopefully some other places too. An iPhone/iPad version would be nice if it were possible. Blackberry Playbook version is very possible, if the one I won ever shows up!

- NPC Quest 2 - Pretty much everything I just said about Moon Invaders. These two games are always very high in my mental list of things I want to see happen. I love them both, both conceptually and to actually play.

- Space Cr(w/ui)se - I have a fear that the code for this is too close to when I was brand-new to Flash to actually be usable, but I really would like this game to exist someday. It's got cute graphics, if nothing else.

- Kid Mystic 2 - I daresay this is really truly going to happen. Probably in about a year or so (is when it will start to happen). The momentum is there, and I don't think I'll be doing it alone.

- Loonyland 3-6 - This is more in the "someday" pile. I want it to happen, and my job as a game maker won't be complete until this story is, but it's not underway, and there are no real plans for it other than lots and lots of plot ideas.

- I.D.I.O.T. Finished Edition - Also probably more in the dream pile than reality, although it's obviously a lot simpler and quicker than a Loonyland game would be, but it just keeps sliding aside. I was looking at it (the version you haven't seen, with leveling up and whatnot, very unfinished) the other day and I really like what it is - a sort of mix of Crimsonland-type shooters, Diablo, Rogue-likes, arcade things like Bubble Bobble, and a bit of a puzzle. It's pretty unique! Plus I like the font it uses.

- Something based on Pedro & The 100-Year Quest - I've got the right to just reskin and sell this, seems like most of the work is already done, and people really enjoyed it. I don't really have an idea of what I would make out of it, though. This will probably come this year sometime, but again, not sure what it'll be. Similar gameplay and art though. Maybe some kind of Indiana Jones thing in a tomb, that would be fun.

- Another poem point & click adventure - I liked making Eddie's Lament, and all I really need to make another one is content (not that that was less than 90% of the work). The code is done, I just replace all the rooms, items and sounds with new ones! I like easy-to-play adventure games as opposed to ones where you have to walk around the room manually, or type in actions or something. Although I like text adventures too.

- Daibaka Max - A possibility, but I wouldn't say it's a strong one. This is another that, like Space Cr--se, would have to be rewritten from scratch. It's nothing super unique, so I don't really know that the effort is worthwhile when I could be making something new, or something that's an RPG because that's what I like most.

- Spooky Quest - An RPG, because that's what I like most! This is the name I've assigned to at least 5, and probably more like 10, different ideas in the past ten years. The latest one I really like, and it's all based around user-created adventures. I hope to do this someday, but it's a big project, and I don't know if I can afford to do that in the near future.

- Robot Wants More Things on the iPhone - As far as I know, these are gonna keep coming until all four exist on the iPhone! And best of all, I hardly have to do any work to make that happen! Raptisoft does all the hard stuff. I'm looking forward to those. Puppy is always my favorite. How can you not enjoying throwing a cat on an alien's head?

- Assorted little arcade flash games - I want to keep making them, but not just more Robot-like platformers. It's time for some shooters, puzzles, tower defense, and other stuff! These are how I make my money, so I need to keep cranking them out, instead of slacking off like I have for the past few months. Of course, half the things listed above fit in here anyway - Moon Invaders, NPC Quest, Space Cr--se, etc. This entry is just warning you that I am going to keep making random fun little games, because I like to, and it's my job!

Or maybe none of that will happen and it'll all be different. But these are the ones I'm thinking about!
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