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Chat away!04:23 AM -- Wed April 6, 2011

Hey, I think I "fixed" the Hamchat! Truth is, there's really no reason for it to be doing the random disconnects (and it's more than a little telling that it began with an update of the Flash Player, so I don't think it's my fault... but then again, I only half-understood the code I wrote myself), but just widening the time until it drops you if you don't communicate seems to have greatly improved connectivity. So chat up a storm! The downside is that the people you are chatting with may have logged off a minute ago and you don't know it yet. But that is life on the bottom of Hamumu.

In other news, the internet people seem to have fixed my internet today. Then by evening, it was back in the toilet. And now it's in and out of tolerable levels of speed to the point where I'm guessing they haven't actually done anything to fix it, it just happened to be at a high point during the afternoon. It's a mess. Whoa, I just ran another speed test and it showed a negative transfer speed for several seconds. Apparently they were pulling information off of my computer instead of sending it to me.

In further news, upon rewatching (because we can't watch Netflix streaming) Scott Pilgrim, I can reaffirm that it's awesome.
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