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Are you ready for THE DUMBSTORM?08:41 PM -- Wed April 6, 2011

Actually, I'm not posting to announce a Dumbstorm, but rather to suggest it and see if there's interest!

Here's the idea in brief: People post their game ideas, simple ones or fully detailed, on the forum in a special thread for a week or two or three. Then people vote on said game ideas (by email, so nobody knows what's winning) for another week or so. Then the DUMBSTORM strikes! I spend one week developing a game a day. Yep, that's like maybe 8-12 hours development time per game. They won't be good games, but they will definitely be silly games. I will make the 7 top-voted game ideas from the thread. Or I'll try anyway, given the time constraints.

What makes this the most fun is that I will have uStream up and streaming my screen for the entire week, so you can hang out in the uStream chat and shout out dumb ideas to make the games even dumber. I presume nobody would sit around and watch the entire time, but it would be a fun thing to pop in and out of during the week, don't you think?

Basically, that's a total waste of a week for me. But a fun waste, and hopefully not just fun for me. What do you think? Would you like to see my day-long interpretation of your ultimate game concept? Or just see what I do when you tell me to make a game "with a pig that's good at math"? I don't know when this event could happen, I'd need to really set up the time in advance so I know I don't have to do anything else that week.
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