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Watchin' Videos04:33 AM -- Fri April 8, 2011

Whoo, somebody linked a kitten video on Youtube, and blammo. I was just stuck flipping to different kittens until I could finally tear myself away. Kitten videos are a bottomless pit. There was one that liked to sit in water! How can you miss that?

But earlier in the day, some people were mentioning Behind The Dumb, which made me open that up and I ended up watching about 5 episodes. Interesting. Let me say this: on the plus side, I have definitely lost weight since then! I'd love to make more of those, or other videos, but man, what do you do? It's rough. Very. And I can't help but notice that while I was making those I never actually finished any games, which had some degree of correlation. It really was a pretty consuming task. At the time, I had the notion that recording my progress in front of people would force me to actually make said progress in order to record it, but I sidestepped that pretty handily when I actually made the shows. Was there more than one episode that actually included me accomplishing something? Well, besides the 2-parter about a Ludum Dare contest. Maybe what I should do is just record a full-on documentary on my next game, after I release M.H.D. I can just film every time I do some work, then after it's all done, I'll put it together! What a treat for one and all! Well, it's an idea anyway.

And if you haven't ever watched videos of Maru and the too-small box, you're missing out. My cat Ollie looks just like him, only to him, every box is too-small.
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