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Game Tidbits03:04 AM -- Sun April 10, 2011

Kivi's Underworld and Din's Curse are both on sale 50% off today, and I am quite tempted to get Din's Curse. I tried the Kivi demo just today, and it's a little too simple for me, nothing but left-clicking monsters all day. Still rather addictive accumulating awards and characters. But Din's Curse is a great Diablo clone with some really interesting features (or so I say from the demo, but I really churned through that demo!). It's very programmer-arty, but who am I to judge? I really like how Din's Curse simplifies down Depths Of Peril, which felt overwhelming to me and like too much work (Depths is also 50% off). Kivi simplifies it further, too much. Din's Curse is just right.

Demos, by the way, are to be found at Soldak.com. Why am I advertising them? Because it is what interests me! Action-RPGs all the way! I really want to be doing that again myself. Soon.
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